A Sense of Place

The past few days have reinforced my own Sense of Place. What does that mean, exactly? My reinforcement has come from “putting up” purple hull peas, sweet corn, and peaches. Lots of peaches. Peaches smelling of summertime and juicy like no supermarket peach anywhere!

We live in the country and have plenty of acres for growing all those things, but having spent most of our lives working outside this environment, we have less than adequate experience in taking crops from seed to table. But I DO know where to go to find those things whose memories I so cherish from my childhood. read more

Lessons from My Dog

Our Scottie, Hamish, is arrogant and spoiled at times. But sometimes he teaches me lessons.

Such as.

If you don’t want a bath, don’t go quietly. But once you’re there, accept the situation with grace and make the best of it. It happens every time. He senses that my husband Bill is ready to give him a bath, and under the bed he goes. Bill always waits him out, closes the bedroom door, orders “Stay!” and tackles him. read more

A Little Help Here, If You Please…

As I’ve said, this is my first website. [Well of course it is, you’re all saying. What, she thought we wouldn’t notice?]

And it only took me three pretty full days to be able to publish anything at all. Days (and nights) of slogging through blogs and articles about blogs, poring over instructions on my web host’s page and on WordPress’s pages. Then I had the “aha” moment. read more

Here We Go!

Greetings from Arkansas!

What a great day to launch a website! We’ve had a Scottish sort of day — sun shining one minute, cooling showers the next, with rainbows in the back yard. My tomato plants have been stretching outward on the patio, hoping for a few of those raindrops for themselves. 

Please bear with me over the next few days as I explore my options here and play around with colors, fonts, etc. Come back to visit often. You never know what may be here next time.

Take care!