Graduation, Part 2

“And so, good folks of Dixon’s Crossing, I present to you the Graduating Class of 1940.” Wild cheering greeted these words. He motioned for quiet. “Let us bow our heads as Brother Williams leads us in prayer.”

“Heavenly Father,” Brother Williams began in his lovely baritone. Now this is something I can listen to with pleasure. “We come before you this evening to ask your blessings on these young people as they set forth on the next stage of their lives. We pray that You will guide them in the direction that You would have them to go. read more

Graduation 1940

Mae Johnson fidgeted on the hard wooden chair, trying to keep her bottom from going to sleep. Superintendent Browning droned on, his words about as distinct as the buzzing of the moths attacking the light fixture over his head. She wondered how much longer the man was going to talk, how much longer before she could get her diploma, how much longer before she could get out of Dixon’s Crossing for good. read more

Background, Part 3: Texarkana Goes to War

Now that we have Red River pretty much constructed, let’s take care of Lone Star next door.


The company chosen to build Lone Star and run it was nationally known B.F. Goodrich, based in Akron, Ohio, a company that had no experience at all in defense work. The plant’s first official name was Lone Star Defense Corporation.

Lone Star would be loading “fixed rounds, shells, bombs, boosters, fuzes, detonators, and artillery primers.” All the components would be shipped into the facility from elsewhere for assembly there. read more

Background, Part 2: Bowie County Goes Military

Part 3 after this and then on to our story! 

Throughout 1940 and part of 1941, representatives from Washington were in and out of the Texarkana area several times. Life went on as usual, and only a handful of people knew about these visits.

June 2, 1941, six months before Pearl Harbor. At long last, the next day’s Texarkana Gazette could proclaim, “Boy, oh boy! We got it!” Almost nobody knew what “it” was, but they soon learned. They’d be getting a storage and supply depot that would read more

Background for WWII Novel

From 1991 to 1995 I worked toward my Ph.D. at the University of North Texas. Along the way I learned everything I could about Texarkana’s two defense facilities, Red River Army Depot and Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant. [These have had many names over the years, so I am sticking with the most recognized monikers.]That read more