Blog Tour Update

I’m on tour! Last week I was tagged in a post by Janie Sullivan. Visit her blog to read her answers to the questions I’ve answered below. Next week you can read responses from Judy Goodspeed. Enjoy the tour!

What are you working on right now?

I’m writing a historical novel set in World War II. It’s temporarily titled From Cotton Fields to Bomb Plants.  My main character is a sharecropper’s daughter who goes to work in an ammunition plant, falls in love, and sends her new husband off to Europe to read more

I’m Going on a Blog Tour!

Yes, indeed! I’m going on a blog tour!

So what IS a blog tour, you ask? Well, Wikipedia defines “The Grand Tour” as a traditional trip undertaken by mainly upper-class European men of means. The primary value of the Grand Tour was supposed to be the exposure the young men would receive from the “cultural legacy of classical antiquity and the Renaissance,” as well as to the aristocratic and fashionably polite society of the European continent. read more

Mae Learns a Few Things

Just then Greydell emerged from the house and bounded down the steps. She ran around the car and jumped in. “Boy, I’m glad that’s over. Let’s get out of here.”

“Amen!” Mae agreed. read more

Mae Visits the Red Light District

June was starting out really hot this year. Mae sat fanning herself lazily with a copy of the Texarkana Gazette, waiting for Greydell to get back to the car. She propped her arm on the window frame, leaned her head on her hand, hoped nobody she knew would come by and see her here – it was so embarrassing. read more

Mae’s Diary

May 24, 1940, Friday Night

I can’t believe this night finally got here! I’ve been counting the weeks, then the days, finally the hours. And now it’s over. I am a high school graduate.

The most amazing thing happened tonight! I was named Valedictorian! Me – “Eula” Mae Johnson

We had gotten our diplomas, and Mr. Browning was announcing the awards and such – best English and Mathematics students and so on. Well, I got best English student, which didn’t surprise me all that much. And Morris got best Mathematics student – no surprise there! read more

“The Talk”

“Think we’ll make it back to your house before the rain hits?” Oliver scowled at the lightning flashes streaking across the sky. “Don’t want you to get those pretty clothes wet.”

She shoved her head out the car window, reveling in the cooling breeze. “My Lord, it was hot in there! Hey, thanks for bringing me home. I needed to talk to you about something.” read more