NaNoWriMo’s Got a Hold on Me!

I havIe been away from this post for too long! I do have a good reason, though. I’m taking part in the international phenomenon known as National Novel Writing Month.

What is NaNoWriMo? Pretty self-explanatory, actually. At 12:01 a.m. on November 1, writers round the world take to their keyboards, or notebooks, or scraps of paper (of course you’d need LOTS of scraps of paper) and write for thirty days. By November 30 they will do their dead level best to write at least 50,000 words toward a specific novel.

Today, November 22, I stand at 38,585 words. I’m on page 127 of who knows how many, and I’m having a blast!

I’m not working on my WWII novel this month. I thought about it — but old hands at NaNo strongly advised against that course of action. They pointed out something that I knew to be true but wouldn’t have thought about on my own…  They said that you’d be setting yourself up for heartache and frustration if you began writing on something you’d already invested a great deal of time in. You would care too much about your characters. You’d spend too much time asking, “Now, would Mae actually say that? What word might she use instead?”

If you’re trying to write 50,000 words in 30 days, you don’t have time to get hung up on specific words, actions, or even grammar and spelling. I read one person’s best advice: “For the thirty days of NaNoWriMo, there is no backspace key on your keyboard!”

Sooooo hard to do! That inner editor in me is finding it difficult not to backtrack and fix the little problems that I “feel” as soon as I type them.

So now it’s off to write a bit more before I crash for a few hours.  I will post the next segment of the WWII novel shortly; after that one, check back after December 1st. I’ll be here. I hope you will be, too.

Happy Thanksgiving to All of You!

Mae Breaks the News

“What is it?” Mama sank into her chair at the end of the table, a small, tired groan escaping her lips as she did so. The sound sent a feeling of guilt washing over Mae. Could she actually do this? She looked closer at her mother, at her shoulders rounded by tiredness, her face streaked with lines put there too soon by too many years in the sun, at her eyes with their resigned expression. Yes, she could. Otherwise she might end up just like her. read more


Greydell honked once and waved goodbye, and Mae made her way slowly toward the front steps. Before she could open the door she heard Mama call from the garden, “Well, it’s about time you decided to show up, young lady. I was expecting you home hours ago.”

Mae sighed and turned toward the garden, where her mother was bent over the row of corn with a hoe, viciously chopping out weeds and grass. “Hi, Mama. I’m sorry we were so late. It’s just been a very busy day.” read more

From Blog Tour to NaNoWriMo

Well, I toured and was a tour guide, and now it’s back to the real world — sort of. I say that because on Friday night at 12:01 a.m. I jumped into NaNoWriMo — National Novel Writing Month. I’ve heard so much about it, both positive and negative, that I thought I should check it out myself. Yeah, why not drop the WWII novel I’ve been working so hard on, and spend thirty days writing a brand new novel — a murder mystery set in Coastal Mississippi. So far I’m up to 7,000 words, and my goal is 50,000. read more