Dreams: Good or Bad for Us?

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Book Review: Breathing on Her Own

Congratulations to Rebecca Waters, one of my new friends from the My 500 Words Challenge. Rebecca has just released her debut novel, Breathing on Her Own. The book is available on Amazon in paperback on for Kindle. I urge you to take a look. I finished it yesterday. I hope I do as well with my own novel when it’s released. The book is a great example of good Christian fiction.

A loving husband, two beautiful daughters, two precious grandchildren. What more could anyone want? Well, maybe a nice retirement with a winter home in Florida, but that’s still several years away. Then in one cold, icy night, Molly Tipton’s world tips, and nothing will ever be the same again.

In Rebecca Waters’ Breathing on Her Own, we follow as Molly and her family struggle through the worst year of their lives, after daughter Laney, mother of two, is involved in an accident that takes the life of her friend. Laney’s accident, and her serious injuries, will test the family’s – and especially Molly’s – faith as never before.

With wit, wisdom, and wry humor, Waters takes readers into the family fold as they deal with problems that at times seem insurmountable. Just how important is faith? How is Molly supposed to keep faith in God when her family is in so much pain? Where was God when Laney needed him? How does a mother help her adult child without strangling her? Will the Tipton family grow closer to each other, and to God, or will they shatter?

Waters weaves a tale with which many of us can identify at least on some level, and she does so with grace and loving kindness. The story slowed a bit in the middle but was soon back up to speed. Overall, the book is a quick read at 248 pages. Just don’t read it so quickly that you miss the many lessons it contains.