An Introduction to “Murder by Any Other Name”


Photo: copyright 2011, Janet Brantley
Front Beach, Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Something was coming but I didn’t know what, and that not knowing had sent me here this evening after work – to the beach in Ocean Springs, where I could watch the balloon of golden sun setting over toward Texas.

I had parked Bernice, my little red Beetle, in one of the pull-offs, taken off my sandals, grabbed a quilt, and set out to find the perfect spot to watch another of our glorious sunsets.

On this Thursday afternoon, I needed solitude though I wasn’t sure why. My day at work at the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency had been easy and without controversy. This didn’t feel like it had anything to do with work, anyway. The person on my mind, the one who’d been on my mind all day, was Richie. read more

The Mystical Silence of Trees

Growing up on a farm, I always loved our woods more than our open lands. There’s something mystical about the silence that reigns there. Except that today the woods aren’t silent. The sounds of chain saws, de-limbers, and skidders are in the air. I don’t know how to feel about the changes.


It’s my land… so if I’m of two minds about it, why are they here? read more