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I was born and raised in Southwest Arkansas, the only child of a farm family. She attended Texarkana College (A.A.), East Texas State University-Texarkana (now Texas A&M University-Texarkana) (B.S.; M.Ed. in Special Education), and the University of North Texas (Ph.D. in History). I taught public school for several years in Louisiana and Texas, where I enjoyed my interactions with both Social Studies and Special Education students. I returned to school myself in 1991, where I spent the next four years pursuing my Ph.D. in History from UNT. I wrote papers (several of which were published), presented at History conferences, met as many fascinating characters as I could, and, in general, immersed myself in the pursuit of knowledge and of academia.

My dissertation, The Defense Industries in Northeast Texas, 1941 – 1965: The Social and Economic Impact on Bowie County, provided me with the opportunity to interview members of the Greatest Generation, those men and women who helped win World War II on the Home Front. From those interviews came the idea for Leaving Dixon’s Crossing, one of my current novels. This is the story of the daughter of a tenant farmer who “escapes” to the big city of Texarkana in 1940 to join the war effort. 

My other current novel, tentatively titled Fool’s Gold, continues the story of Rebecca McCallum, first encountered in my 2015 debut novel, Murder by Any Other Name. Fool’s Gold brings back now familiar characters as they encounter new adventures and conflicts, including having to deal with the legend of a treasure left behind by Al Capone, a tale that just won’t die. 

I plan to finish both novels this year and to have them ready for publication in 2017.

I feel blessed to have been given the life that I have, and I want to share what knowledge and understanding of the world I can with my readers. 
To that end, this website will be a place where my various writings will be found, along with such bits of information as I hope will be beneficial to my readers and followers.  You’ll find excerpts from my novels, short stories, essays, information on other websites I think will interest you, and a section on World War II history. Other items of interest will be added as they become available.


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  1. I am very impressed with your writings. I think I have read them all now. You know I cannot remember what my dad’s job was at the plant. You may know, I believe our dads rode together a lot. Love you, keep writing!

    • Thank you for the encouragement! I hope you enjoy the excerpts from my novel. Don’t look for anyone you know in the experiences of my characters, because I’ve made up their personal stories even though I used their interviews for info on the wartime work. As for our dads, Daddy took a welding class and got hired to go to Orange, TX, where I believe you all already were. And I don’t know what yours was doing there. Then after the war, Daddy never worked at Lone Star. But he did help Bill get a job there as a mechanic in 1967 or 68.

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