Book Review: Hidden Secrets by Carolyn Brown

I recently read Carolyn Brown’s Hidden Secrets, and I want to share with you my review of the book.

I recommend this book for any woman aged 13 to 95 who has, has had, or who plans to have, a relationship with any other woman in her family. Hidden Secrets is filled with humor based on truth. Four generations of Brewster women set out for a farm in Oklahoma that only one of them, the great-grandmother, knows anything about. The others are just along for the ride, or so they think. Each woman, in her own way, has demons to fight and lessons to learn, and the produce farm in Oklahoma turns out to be just what they need to “let go,” and learn those lessons.

As their secrets slowly emerge and they begin to learn just how much love and trust actually exists among them, we get to watch and pull for them to succeed. I won’t tell you that they all do succeed. You’ll have to read the book and find out. You may think this isn’t your kind of book, that you don’t read family dramas. Give this book a chance. I don’t really care for the genre myself, but this one is a keeper!

The book is available on Amazon at this link:  Hidden Secrets

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